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America’s #1 Rated Medical Alert Systems

With just a push of a button, IndyPendants’ trained 24/7 emergency operators will be there to contact family, friends, neighbors and if necessary, your local 911 emergency services.

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For over 20 years, IndyPendants has pioneered all facets of security including the security of your life, family and well being.  We provide the best in home security and also the best, most reliable senior life-saving alert systems available.

Our clients are fully protected with industry-leading medical alert technology and backed by one of the country’s most reliable, USA-based, 24-hour medical alarm emergency call centers.

Landline (MDX)

Loud, Dependable and Portable. This medical alert system connects to your phone line and has a 32 hour power backup. You can even use it to answer the phone!

Cellular (MDX-LTE)

Works anywhere! This medical alert system connects via cellular signal on the fastest 4G LTE network. and has a 32 hour power backup.


Completely portable, and the only medical alert system device that uses both GPS and WiFi location technology. Sky provides the most advanced protection at home or on-the-go.

We Are The #1 Medical Alert System In The Country. See Why….

I love my IndyPendant! It makes me feel very secure when I’m alone. The pricing was great and it’s a pleasure to deal with the company, the people are so friendly and helpful!

Barbara H.

I contacted IndyPendants because my Grandmother has dementia and would wander off often. She isn't sturdy on her feet either, so falling happened often, as well. Since, this product has GPS installed, I knew it was a perfect fit. And it was! She wondered off into the woods and we found her within 5 minutes!

Emily Y.

After a series of minor falls, my dad realized he needed something to protect him in the event of no one was around to help him. IndyPendant was the solution that allowed him to contact emergency services and get the help he needed.

Paul D.